Workforce Management

Finding and retaining top talent is one of the hardest things that any business owner has to do. We make it a lot easier.

Managing Your Workforce

Getting the right people in the right positions within your organization is the most important thing SMB’s can do to ensure long-term success.

We help business leaders identify organizational needs and source and recruit top talent. We identify and implement workplace practices designed to engage and retain a capable and committed workforce.

Services we offer:
  • Recruitment & On-Boarding
  • Organization Charts
  • Skills Assessment
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Process Flow
  • Compensation Mapping
  • Incentive Compensation Systems
  • Succession Planning

Measuring Your Workforce

A great team is more than the sum of its parts; strong teams rely on the effectiveness of the individual and the relationship of the group. Capable leadership, sound planning, clear direction, defined expectations and performance accountability combine to produce organizational excellence.

We help business owners define, measure and manage the success of their team and the organization.

Services we offer:
  • Team Leadership
  • Defining Employee KPIs
  • Team Building
  • Job Descriptions
  • Position Specific Performance Evaluations
  • Performance Improvement Plans
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“As a business coach and consultant Terry has helped to improve the overall organization and function of our business by getting us on track and moving in the right direction. I highly recommend Terry for any business professional looking to improve the productivity and structural organization of their business.”

Nancy Potapczyk
General Manager, Skyway Digital

Why should you work with BBCi?

Practical Advice

  • We tell it like it is. We assess,
    analyze and report the facts, make practical recommendations for improvement, and provide the tools and support to get it done.
  • We provide on-site, hands-on support whenever you need us.

Save Time & Money

  • We provide executive-level HR support at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a full time Human Resources department.
  • We free you up from the time-consuming needs of HR management so you can focus on what you do best.

Decades of Experience

  • We are HR generalists with extensive, broad-based experience in many different industries.
  • We specialize in working with small- and medium- sized business owners.

Moving your employees from Entitled to Engaged

Engaged employees feel their work is more than simply a job. To move a company’s culture from entitled to engaged often demands a holistic change in attitude, strategy and structure. Employees care about their company when they themselves are cared about and looked after.

In this guide, we show you the eight things your workplace needs in order to have an engaged and productive company culture.