Company Culture

Everyone knows that culture is important. We know how to build a company culture that drives productivity and performance.

Employee Relations

Employee turnover is one of the largest preventable costs to employers, and the damage it can inflict on an organization is significant. Beyond the cost of recruiting and training replacements, companies must absorb the potential loss of expertise, prestige, and in some instances even client base when the departing employee and his/her contacts and clients migrate together to a new company. It is still more damaging when departing employees move to a competitor, taking with them the investment you made in developing their skills and qualifications.

BBCi works with you to engage your workforce in the success of your business and helps minimize unplanned turnover and the loss of key employees.

Services we offer:
  • Employer-employee relations
  • Employee recognition
  • Labour relations
  • Grievance settlement and dispute resolution
  • Communication plans
  • Counselling for behaviour and performance issues
  • Performance improvement plans
  • Progressive discipline
  • Lay-offs and terminations
  • Conflict resolution

Employee Engagement

More than any other factor, employees are most responsible for a company’s success or failure. Business leaders know that whatever a company manufactures, sells or services, their people will make it better, or worse.

One of the greatest threats to success in business comes when the workforce operates from a position of entitlement, the sense they are owed something unearned. The key to success in business lies in the contribution and accomplishments of an engaged workforce.

We help business owners create a positive company culture that gets employees engaged and invested in their work.

Services we offer:
  • Employee engagement surveys and strategies
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Performance management systems
  • Goal setting
  • Compensation mapping
  • Incentive compensation plans
  • Benefits review
  • Succession planning
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“Over the years I have engaged many HR Consultants with varying degrees of success, however, since engaging the services of BBCI and Terry Conley in particular, we have been able to formulate an HR plan with realistic timeframes for implementation and provide our team members with a renewed sense of purpose.”

John C. Fisher
President/CEO, T. Harris Environmental

Why should you work with BBCi?

Practical Advice

  • We tell it like it is. We assess,
    analyze and report the facts, make practical recommendations for improvement, and provide the tools and support to get it done.
  • We provide on-site, hands-on support whenever you need us.

Save Time & Money

  • We provide executive-level HR support at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a full time Human Resources department.
  • We free you up from the time-consuming needs of HR management so you can focus on what you do best.

Decades of Experience

  • We are HR generalists with extensive, broad-based experience in many different industries.
  • We specialize in working with small- and medium- sized business owners.

Moving your employees from Entitled to Engaged

Engaged employees feel their work is more than simply a job. To move a company’s culture from entitled to engaged often demands a holistic change in attitude, strategy and structure. Employees care about their company when they themselves are cared about and looked after.

In this guide, we show you the eight things your workplace needs in order to have an engaged and productive company culture.